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My name is Amy and if you are on my 'about' page...  thanks for being curious

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My Story

I love asking people what their story is. Just to see what answer they come back with. It's telling. 

My story is that I know in my heart that this world is a playground. And part of my purpose here is to help chart a course for fun. 


Play is how get out of this mess. A true revolution is one where we flip the idea of revolution on it's head. 


What if the world we want to see is created effortlessly because it just looks like more fun than what we've been doing. 


I'm here to create the world I want to see and help others bring their dreams to life.   

What made me? 

For the majority of my career I was an award-winning TV Producer, Show Runner, Writer and Journalist creating content for some of the worlds most influential brands including: HGTV, Food, Travel Channel, and DISH Network. 


While working under my own shingle, I landed a dream project working with Jane Goodall, was awarded a screenwriting fellowship and had an existential crisis around my career. I had a spiritual awakening in 2018. 

Since then, I've burnt it all down. Multiple times. (Thanks Burning Man!) 


Do you have an idea you want to bring to life? 

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